Key Project Deliverables in Management Consulting

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Bespoke Deliverables

At Frontier Consulting, we customize our project deliverables to each client’s needs. It is our opinion that no one-size fits all when it comes to deliverables. Our team will work with yours to construct the right type of methodology to ensure we meet the project scope and deliver those findings that are essential to your business.

What is a project deliverable other than the best example of project findings? The discussion of the deliverables meaning for each project takes place early in our process. We tailor our project deliverables based on the type of results you are looking to achieve.

Our team is data-driven, which means we allow the data captured throughout the project to drive the qualitative research questions we ask. It also impacts whether we employ qualitative vs quantitative research. Based on our methodology and resulting data, we will design the deliverable that is best suited for our client’s goals. 

How exactly does this translate into your company’s key deliverable when working with Frontier?

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What to Expect: Project Deliverables

Traditionally, Frontier has employed audio, video, and written reports to organize each project story. The following types of deliverables are firm favorites in achieving the project scope and developing actionable recommendations for our clients to actualize:


Deliverable designed to visually explore the data and analysis at a high-level. This will describe the approach, high-level insights, and a path forward for your company based on the research and analysis conducted. This is a more popular deliverable type for many clients, as it clearly lays out what the project set out to achieve, and highlights data-driven analysis to offer actionable recommendations.

Our firm is experienced in developing: 

  • Slide decks 
  • White papers 
  • Academic-style research papers
  • SEO/SEM reports to understand user needs/traffic

Raw Research Log

Text-based report incorporating methodology, data, results, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. This deliverable will serve as high-level analysis and will summarize findings.

The report will include the following:

  • Direct quotes from qualitative research (primary and secondary)
  • Synthesized analysis from research
  • High-level findings addressing the project scope
  • Raw data from applicable case studies (field research)
  • Appendices with copies of case studies/competitive analysis


Our video deliverables typically take one of two forms: (1) live-action (interview-based) mini-documentary or (2) animated videos. Both types of project deliverables are grounded in qualitative research methods as well as types of quantitative research. When possible, Frontier will develop a documentary style report for your team, incorporating raw research from our study. In other cases, an animated video diving into the methodology, conceptualizing the project scope and its subsequent research findings is more acceptable based on the type of project.

Raw Data

Data-driven deliverable designed to contain the raw data captured and analyzed throughout the course of work. This may result in audio files, transcripts, or excel-based reports based on the type of research conducted. When applicable and available, Frontier will capture internal interview responses via direct transcripts, audio or video recording capabilities. When this is not possible, Frontier will provide synthesized bullet point analysis from interviews. We are very comfortable capturing large swaths of quantitative data in excel format and delivering this to our clients.

M&A Target Lists

We work with many Venture Capital and Private Equity firms exploring new markets, adjacent markets, and weighing their options when it comes to acquisitions and expansion. Our team is experienced in developing target lists for these clients based on their interest in company type, financial investment, and geographic preference. Depending on the quality of lead your firm is interested in, we can develop a long excel based list of any potential target based on initial qualifiers, or perform more exhaustive research to deliver a smaller set of more attractive and better fit potential targets.

our project deliverables

Key Deliverable Selection

There are a number of deliverables Frontier can produce for your company. When deciding upon the best key deliverable(s) for your company, it’s important to understand what the deliverable will be used to prove, promote, or serve. Questions that you can think through during this process include:

  • Who is your audience?
  • Will this deliverable be widely distributed?
  • What type of data do you want to uncover in this project?
  • Will your audience respond better to audio, video, or written research and analysis?

Armed with this information, our team can help design the perfect deliverable for your company. We strive to create an end-product that directly serves your needs, and we frankly take great pride in our research team’s capabilities to deliver quality insights to inform your big decisions.

Project Management

Our team is unique in management consulting in that we conduct a number of project management and implementation-driven projects. In project management, the deliverables meaning changes from a finalize product, in most cases. Instead, that key deliverable becomes the operationalization of the project. 

The project management definition we use at Frontier is implementation leadership. The resulting project management deliverables therefore is the achievement of clearly laid-out goals from the beginning of the project. These types of projects require thoughtful research design, qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches to achieve. 

Project Deliverables Examples:

Report + Raw Data

Frontier developed a five-year strategic plan for a public entity with 7,000 employees. We worked specifically with their IT department to construct the best strategy moving forward in an era where a tech-enabled workforce and a well-constructed digital ecosystem is key to success. In addition to a robust Operations and Governance Manual and a Strategic Plan—both different types of reports developed by our team—Frontier also delivered transcripts from blinded internal interviews with employees to serve as the reasoning for the initiatives, business models, and best practices outlined throughout the strategic plan.


As a project deliverables example, our team delivered a 40-minute video deliverable for a F500 medical device manufacturer exploring consumer interest in a new product to be used in healthcare settings. Our team used different types of qualitative research methods, including ethnography to understand consumer interest and need. It became apparent that the best way to internalize this ethnography was to allow the client to see what our team was seeing on the ground. The resulting deliverable resulted in a number of interviews with health care providers while on shift in the Emergency Room to highlight the use-cases for competitive and conceptual products.

M&A Target List

Frontier worked with a PE-client interested in exploring capitalization in primary care settings. Our team delivered an exhaustive list of independent primary care providers and practices across 122 zip codes, including name of physician, practice, address, contact information, website, as well as licensing information and certifications.

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